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About Me

My name is Jason Staben, I live in Australia. For my day job, I work at a local winery. In my spare time, I enjoy creating and ‘nutting out’ simulation games based on sports I love. I also build websites for people and enjoy cartooning.

Our family attends the Loxton Church of Christ where we are actively involved.

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Our Websites

If you have any questions please contact me here.

Join me on Parler

Our Websites

Social Feed

Parler is back 18-02-2021

Good News, parler is back online. You can click on the icon above to see my Parler Profile. Follow me and I will follow you back.

Shapiro Reacts to Gina Carano Getting Canceled by Hollywood

PHP Update 26-01-2021

The PHP version of my site is working!!!
Woo hoo!

My Social Feed 26-01-2021

This is my personal social feed. I know I can't be banned from my own site... right?

Parler Down!

With Parler being taken down (unfairly in my opinion) I will be making comments here on my own site. I hope they will be back up soon.

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