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From Wealthy Affiliate: We Were Sued. We Stood Up. We Prevailed.

This is an interesting read about how justice prevailed (but it took years!!!) for Wealthy Affiliate.
By Kyle @Wealthy Affiliate

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Ephesians 1 Overview

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Are apostles alive today in the church?

The question is simple. Are apostles alive today in the church or was it a one time event at the birth of the church. Was John the last apostle or have they continued throughout church history or have apostles even been been restored in these latter days?

The short answer is no, John was the last apostle.

But, please read on… 🙂

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A serious look at the Passion Bible

The Passion bible has recently been gathering interest (at least in the circles I have been in). At first I was in different. Then I began to hear concerns raised about it. Mike Winger offers a balanced critique of The Passion Bible and what he has to say is worth considering…